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Homeless and Uninsured

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Image: Michele Eve under CC 3.0

Compared to the general American population, the homeless are 10 times less likely to receive necessary health care. A person unable to afford shelter is obviously very unlikely to have health insurance–making care more difficult to find. About a third of them had problems finding needed surgical or medical services they could afford.

Although there are community clinics in many areas that charge based on a patient’s ability to pay–not to mention emergency rooms–there are issues with finding effective transportation, as well as their facilities. In addition, many clinics don’t cover vision or dental services. Both can be symptoms of general health issues.

Homeless individuals who had been employed at least part-time over the past year were more likely to be uninsured than the unemployed, possibly due to their lack of income eligibility for government health insurance plans such as Medicaid.

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