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What Will Republicans Do If They Win?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Image: Fibonacci Blue under CC 3.0

Republicans are running for election or re-election this fall on the platform of “repeal and replace”. They largely want to dismantle the health insurance plan reform passed by the Obama administration and Democrats. It remains to be seen if that’s an effective political tactic, but what about the practical aspects?

Despite the potential for Republican victory, President Obama will still be in office for at least two more years. Obviously, he’ll veto a measure that seeks to gut one of his most significant domestic policies–the expansion of access to affordable health insurance. So how will a Republican-controlled Congress change things? According to conservative Rep. Michelle Bachmann, they’ll refuse to include funding for it in appropriations bills. She calls it “starving the beast”. Cynics believe that such a strategy makes it more likely that the bill will fail, making it easier for a Republican president to win in 2012 and repeal the law.

The GOP has a good shot at taking back the House of Representatives. However, only one-third of the Senate seats are up for grabs this year. Even if a Republican takes every single one, that will barely leave them with an equal number of seats. They’ll only have 50 votes if independent Joe Lieberman (a former Democrat) switches sides, which he has done in other cases. However, he has expressed his support for the Senate’s legislation. Don’t forget that when the Senate’s tied, the vice president has the deciding vote! Joe Biden will surely vote in favor of retaining the legislation. Senators are responsible for overriding a presidential veto, which can only be done with a two-thirds majority. Reaching that level is mathematically impossible in this election year.

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Repubicans Plan to Repeal Health Bill

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The health bill is no sure bet yet. White House officials are still trying to get a handful of needed votes to pass the bill. But dozens of Republicans have already signed a pledge to repeal the bill should GOP take control of either House or Congress after this falls election.

Democrats managed to gain support from Rep. Dennis Kucinich; the liberal lawmaker had first opposed the bill because it didn’t include a pubic option. He had a change of heart and agreed to the President’s notion that the health bill was just the beginning of a slew of changes to come.

To start with, President Obama’s plan will immediately provide access to health insurance coverage for nearly all Americans and prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to the sick.

Republicans still believe the President should scrap his plan to overhaul the health system and and start afresh. The GOP “Repeal It” movement first started back in January and has picked up momentum as Obama’s bill has gained Congressional popularity. Some Republicans believe if the bill is passed Democrats will lose popularity among voters and will pay the price in the November elections.

Lawmakers on both sides acknowledge any repeal would be highly unlikely as long as Obama remains in office, as he could veto any such legislation.

House Democrats say they are on track for a Sunday vote on the health care bill that will expand medical coverage to millions.

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