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ER Visits To Jump With More Health Coverage

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Image: aaron_anderer under CC 3.0

Most people would assume that an increase in the percentage of those with health coverage would result in fewer people going to the emergency room. After all, they would have primary care doctors and the means to get preventative treatment early. That was actually one of the arguments for health insurance reform.

Unfortunately, it may not turn out that way. ERs are actually likely to become even more crowded! There is a shortage of family physicians that won’t be remedied for years. Medicaid patients–not the uninsured–are the most likely to utilize emergency services.

A preview of what may be coming: emergency room visits increased by 4-7% in Massachusetts after that state passed universal healthcare reform.

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Many Doctors Hate Health Insurers

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Image: Emily Ruth Brown under CC 3.0

According to a significant percentage of currently practicing physicians, health insurers take quite a bit of the joy out of their job.

Why? In order to effectively care for their patients, some doctors spend hours of unpaid overtime poring over claim paperwork to make sure that they are reimbursed by their patient’s health insurance plan. They are also frustrated with being paid for individual services performed, as opposed to cost savings or health outcomes.

Unfortunately, a recent survey of doctors has found that they believe that affordable health insurance reform will make an already bad situation even worse.

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New Trend: Lump Sum Health Insurance Payments

Friday, April 30th, 2010
everyplace under CC 3.0

An increasing number of doctors and health insurance companies are considering lump-sum reimbursement. As opposed to being paid for every procedure they perform, health care providers will be paid a certain amount to treat a particular condition or perform a particular surgery.

Proponents of the strategy believe that it promotes preventative care and more cooperation. It also makes costs more predictable for your health insurance plan.

Some worry that bundled payments will penalize doctors who deal with complicated cases and chronic conditions. Despite those concerns, several major health insurers in California are already on board.

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