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Obese Mothers-To-Be Cost Hospitals More

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Image: -mrsraggle- under CC 3.0

The obesity epidemic has resorted in an increasing number of pregnant women who are already overweight prior to becoming pregnant. Although losing weight prior to conceiving is ideal, that is not always possible. Unfortunately, both the baby and mother can experience serious complications, which her health insurance plan must pay for.

As a result, hospitals must spend far more money on delivery for obese mothers. Caring for a premature birth–which is more likely in seriously obese women–helps drive the cost up to $200,000 for that high-risk birth. By contrast, a normal delivery costs about $13,000. The increased expense of labor and specialized supplies is passed on through higher health insurance rates for all women.

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Young Black Women at High Risk of Health Problems

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Black women are more likely than white women to have heart problems around the time they deliver a baby according to a new study. The new findings say some young black women develop a potentially deadly weakening of the heart muscle around the time they give birth.

Symptoms of peripartum cardiomyopathy, which typically occurs in the last month of pregnancy or the first few months after delivery, include shortness of breath, particularly when lying down. The death rate is between 15% and 56%.

While 55% of the women in the study were white, 93% of the 28 women who developed peripartum cardiomyopathy were black. One of the 2 women died and another required a heart transplant. Such health concerns is why it is essential for women to have good health insurance. Medical care for these type of complications are very costly without health coverage. You should get coverage before you become pregnant as many health insurance companies will consider being pregnant a pre existing condition and may deny you coverage.

According to the study, the main factor causing the heart problems is being black. Other risk factors include high blood pressure, being unmarried, smoking during pregnancy and having more than two previous pregnancies. The best way to avoid these risk factors is through the guidance of a doctor. Affordable health insurance allows you to receive regular check-ups, screenings and other needed care.

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Autism Babies Linked to Older Moms

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Researchers have made new discoveries about what is causing some children to develop autism. A new study found mothers older than 40 were about 50 per cent or 1.51 times more likely to have a child with autism than mothers aged 25 to 29; the risk for fathers older than 40 was 36 per cent higher than for men in their late 20s. Although the fathers age can be a contributing factor a mothers age is far more relevant.

Researchers have been perplexed with autism for some time now. Some scientists have linked the disorder to different factors including child vaccinations, environmental toxins, heredity and genetics. However, they have not found any single cause for autism. Even mothers with adequate medical insurance can find themselves in this position.

According to the Autism Society, autism is a pervasive development disorder that affects between 1 in 100 and 1 in 110 children in the US. It starts before the age of 3 and is characterized by repetitive and restricted behaviors and deficiency in social skills and communication and is thought to be linked to abnormal brain development that probably starts in the womb.

Researchers still need to figure out what it is about older parents that puts their children at greater risk for autism and other adverse outcomes, so they can we can begin helping those mothers who are at risk. In the meantime, health professional suggest mothers said it’s important to note that the increased risks are small and that most babies born to older mothers do not develop autism.

Researchers said the overall low risk for autism “may be the most important take-home message especially for prospective parents. However, expecting mothers who have health insurance get better care during their pregnancy, and have a much better chance of delivering a healthy baby. It is essential that all expecting mothers have adequate access to doctors for health advice and care.

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