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Can Health Insurance Companies and Obama Administration Work Together?

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Image: lumaxart under CC 3.0

Over the past year and a half, politicians have often vilified the health insurance industry in order to garner support for healthcare reform. Meanwhile, health insurers have hit back at the government.

Nevertheless, now that it’s law, both sides have to cooperate to implement it effectively. Health insurance plan providers want to continue profiting, so they want the most favorable regulations possible. They also want to be able to take advantage of the upcoming subsidies.

For their part, the Obama administration needs to work with insurers to ensure that the process goes smoothly; their political life depends on it.

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Obama Continues To Promote Health Insurance Reform

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Image: hlkljgk under CC 3.0

The marketing campaign is seemingly endless. President Obama is once again touting what he considers as the benefits of affordable health insurance reform.

During his weekly internet and radio address, Obama says that there are already signs of immediate benefits. Even before most of the provisions will become effective, health insurers are taking steps in advance to increase accountability and be more consumer-friendly. They are ending the practice of rescinding policies, and extending coverage for young adults before it is required in order to eliminate gaps.

The president continued to strike at the health insurance companies in order to shore up support for the law before much of his party is up for re-election, while promoting that fact that up to 4 million individuals and small businesses may see tax cuts this year.

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Overreactions To Health Insurance Reform’s Passage

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

(Image: eriwst under CC 3.0)

Health insurance reform is a very controversial issue. It is perfectly understandable that many people are unsure or pessimistic about its impact. Freedom of expression is what America is all about.

Unfortunately, some people appear to have been taking it too far. A handful of extremists–not representative of all healthcare reform opponents–have recently thrown bricks into the windows to Democratic party headquarters, as well as the offices of representatives who voted in favor of the bill. Others have yelled racist taunts towards supporters. 10 representatives have even received death threats!

Protests are acceptable, violence is not. Republican Minority Leader John Boehner agrees: he wants the bill to be repealed through legitimate political means. Affordable health insurance is a worthy goal, although Americans may severely disagree on the best way to achieve it.

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Watch Obama Singing Healthcare Bill Live!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

(Image: jdebner under CC 3.0)

At 11:15 AM EDT, President Obama is planning to sign the historic health insurance reform bill. The official White House website will be live streaming the event.

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Bipartisan Health Care Negotiations Being Televised; Why now Mr. President?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Seriously, I am asking!

You campaigned on doing this from day one. It took the Massachusetts election of Senator Scott Brown to force you to actually do this.
Even though you tried your hardest for an entire year to ram through into law a complete and thorough government take over of the health care and the health insurance industries; under a complete partisan approach and you had no problem with this.

Now you want to inject “bipartisan” into the mold. Are you serious, this must be a joke. The problem is that the joke you’re playing is on us the American people.

What happened last year, the bill itself, the process, the backroom negotiations, it was all you and you alone. You created that environment, the ideology, the dirty process. You were behind it all.

Sure, anyone that disagreed with you was just wrong, right?

Why now?

Are you being deceitful, playing games, or just trying to have it your way.

You continue to disregard and ignore the pulse of the American people. They have spoken, and yes, loud and clear.

This token gesture will further anger constituents across the land. It is after all just that, a ploy, a gimmick to try and sway public opinion.

Well, we are not buying it. We see right through your agenda and we don’t like it.

Please Mr. President, stay out of our healthcare and health insurance.

Focus on reducing the growing deficit, helping small businesses, and national defense.

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Affordable Health Insurance Blocked by State Limits on Coverage

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Today more than ever, we should open up state limits on providing coverage for everyone. The reason for this is that today with the access to never ending information we can get health insurance quotes from many different websites, carriers, and types of coverage. All of this pretty much instantaneously. This makes shopping for health insurance a lot easier. The issue is we need more competitors for different parts of the country. Therefore, allowing carriers to compete across state lines would affect pricing. The results would be lower costs to us by more competition from the carriers.

There are parts of our country that some carriers dominate and to an extent almost monopolize. There is not enough competition in those areas, we need to increase this. We need to make it easier for carriers to compete.

There are many things states can do by working together that do not need the federal government. This being one of them; it seems simple enough but it is today a roadblock to more affordable health insurance.

We must also keep in mind that in a free society affordable health insurance means something different for all of us. It does; what you think of as affordable health insurance may not be the same to someone else. Even though both may have the same income, age, dependents, etc. It may just simply be that to you, health insurance is more important than taking a vacation to Canada. Whereby your counterpart may think that going to vacation in Canada is more important, therefore they cant afford health insurance.

Who’s decision is that to make?
Should we make health insurance a requirement?
What is affordable health insurance?

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