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McDonalds, Other Businesses Exempt from Healthcare Reform Law

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Image: DRB62 under CC 3.0

There has been much concern surrounding healthcare reform’s impact on businesses. Many are worried that employers will drop their health insurance plans altogether, rather than complying with new requirements that increase the standard of care.

However, 30 companies and unions–McDonalds is the most popular–have received an exemption from that provision. The waiver must be renewed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius each year until 2014. HHS made the judgment that rather than risking companies discontinuing seasonal and temporary workers’ health coverage entirely, it makes more sense to allow them to retain the inferior mini-med plans with extremely low annual limits of coverage. This will be the case for several years, until the health insurance exchanges are fully operational to give such employees more options.

Other firms are protesting this move, because small businesses will suffer while the big names with lobbying influence can get around the unfavorable provision.

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Will Healthcare Reform Help Part-Time Employees?

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Image: The Consumerist under CC 3.0

Many supporters of healthcare reform have pointed to the benefits that it can bring to part-time workers. In most cases, companies do not offer health coverage to employees who work under a certain number of hours per week. Some businesses even intentionally schedule employees just under the threshold, in order to deny them health care.

During the recession, many people have been juggling multiple part-time jobs. Although they end up working full-time hours or longer, they are eligible for health benefits from none of them.

Affordable individual health insurance is the solution in this case, but it may not be available to everyone. The exchange markets that the law establishes in 2014 are hoped to help in this regard.

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