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Rate Hikes for Health Insurance Plans Requested in North Carolina

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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In North Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield has asked to increase the monthly premiums of its health insurance plans by an average of 7 percent.

However, the rate hikes aren’t across the board. Some of the 300,000 individual health insurance customers in the state may actually end up saving money through cheaper rates, while a handful of others will experience severe premium jumps of 40 or 50 percent.

The insurer blames rising medical costs for the increase, and says that it would have been even higher without the limitations imposed by healthcare reform. It remains to be seen if the state will approve their proposal.

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Infants Charged Higher Family Health Insurance Rates!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

(Image: Pink Sherbet Photography under CC 3.0)

Over in North Carolina, health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield recently increased its health insurance rates. While rate hikes are common nowadays, this one is especially far reaching: it even hits babies!

Case in point: a nine-month-old infant’s family health insurance premium jumped by 55% on January 1st. According to BCBS, the higher premium is justified because infants use more health care services than older children. Now, they are classified in a higher-risk insurance pool.

This situation is absurd! Some may argue that many people with pre-existing conditions facing a dearth of affordable health insurance options brought the situation on themselves; that they neglected their health and had bad habits. While that can certainly be debated, a baby less than a year old has no choice in or responsibility for his or her health. Plus, this particular infant didn’t even have any conditions that would cost more to cover!

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North Carolina Family Health Insurance Rates To Rise

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

(Image: Ed Yourdon under CC 3.0)

As the second half of the bipartisan healthcare reform summit continues, a story out of North Carolina highlights why health insurance is such a vital issue.

The state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield was recently allowed to increase their health insurance rates by an average of 12%. Some policyholders have seen their premiums increase by 50% or more! North Carolina residents are in a tight bind, since Blue Cross Blue Shield makes up 97% of the individual health insurance market in the state.

Gender rating, an issue that has garnered attention during the summit, plays a role. BCBS of North Carolina had a standard policy of charging higher premiums to young women under a family health insurance plan once they turn 18, but cost increases have led to them lowering the age at which the higher premiums apply.

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