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Stay Vigilant With Your Health Insurance Benefits

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Image: Mike Sansone under CC 3.0

If you have generous health insurance benefits provided by your employer, you may not think about it that often. For the most part, you choose the most affordable health insurance option that fits your needs during the open enrollment period and then run on autopilot.

Unfortunately, it seems that sticking your head in the sand isn’t good enough. Teachers in several school districts in New Jersey were recently uninsured for several months. A clerical error meant that although premiums were taken out of their paychecks, premiums were not paid to the insurers for four months.

Teachers in Newark still haven’t had their coverage restored. However, Paterson teachers are luckier–all covered expenses that occurred during that period will be paid for, and their coverage was reinstated.

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NJ Public Sector Employees To Chip In For Health Insurance Premiums

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Image: Hugo90 under CC 3.0

Public sector unions in New Jersey, including the police and firefighters, have grudgingly agreed to pay for part of their health insurance premiums.

Starting June 1st, the state employees will have to contribute at least 1.5% of the cost of their New Jersey health insurance policies. Compared to private sector employees, that’s nothing. Many of the latter have to cover most or all of their own premiums!

For an employee with an annual salary of $50,000, they will have to pay just $750 per year in premiums: a very affordable health insurance option. Despite some previous concessions, these plans are typically comprehensive.

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