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Missouri Launches Its Own Health Insurance Reform Lawsuit

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Image: Allen Gathman under CC 3.0

It started with Virginia. Then, Florida and 20 other states banded together. Now, another state has joined the ranks of those suing over the Obama administration’s health insurance reform law.

Republican Lieutenant Governor recently filed another similar lawsuit, which contends that requiring almost all residents to purchase Missouri health insurance (as one of the primary statutes does) is unconstitutional.

Why didn’t Missouri join the class-action suit? It is unclear; unlike Virginia, it doesn’t have its own separate law against the compelled purchase of health care that gives it separate standing–however, a measure to pass one is currently pending on their August primary ballot.

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Missouri Health Insurance Must Now Cover Autism

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Image: jeffk under CC 3.0

The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, recently signed legislation that mandates family health insurance coverage for autism treatment.

What does the bill do?

  • It requires that all Missouri health insurance companies cover the screening, diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Insurers are now also mandated to provide up to $40,000 worth of Applied Behavioral Therapy (ABA), which has been clinically shown to be effective in many cases, until the child turns 18.
  • Meanwhile, small businesses who can prove that the law will increase their premiums by 2.5% are exempt.

Despite that, some are worried that the new requirements will drive up costs, pricing many others out of the market and leaving them uninsured.

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Health Insurance Mandate On Missouri Ballot

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Image: Fibonacci Blue under CC 3.0

In Missouri, the 2010 election season begins early. They’re having a special election in August, which includes several ballot initiatives.

One of the poll questions involves healthcare reform: specifically the individual health insurance mandate it includes. The mandate is one of the most controversial aspects of the law.

The Health Care Freedom Act, proposed by Republican Jane Cunningham, is purported to protect Missouri residents from being forced to either buy a health insurance plan or pay a penalty fine; it’s a clear challenge to federal law. Local political pundits predict that the referendum is likely to pass.

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Missouri Passes Law Against Health Insurance Mandate

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Image: Kopper under CC 3.0

The list of states fighting back against what they consider an unconstitutional federal health insurance mandate is growing. The latest legislature to pass a law on the issue is Missouri’s.

This November, voters will be able to decide whether the national government can force people to either buy Missouri health insurance or pay a fine. If the measure passes, it will become a new state law that continues to set the stage for a Supreme Court showdown.

It doesn’t need the Democratic governor’s signature, which it probably wouldn’t get. Although the Senate passed the bill, the Missouri House of Representatives still needs to confirm it. Many conservative Republicans sought an amendment to the state Constitution.

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