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Obama Promotes Healthcare Reform To Senior Citizens

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Image: cybernetiks2 under CC 3.0

Americans over the age of 65 have been among those most opposed to the Obama administration’s healthcare reform law. Several provisions result in cuts to supplemental Medicare Advantage programs, while most of the benefits have little impact on a demographic that is already insured.

President Obama is looking to change that through a speaking tour of “virtual town halls”. Recently, he was in Maryland, touting upcoming $250 prescription drug rebate for seniors. Eligible individuals will receive those checks later this year.

He has an uphill battle ahead of him: senior citizens must be convinced that most of the purported savings will in fact come from waste and fraud in the Medicare program, instead of negatively impacting the quality of their health insurance plans.

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Healthcare Reform Strengthens Fraud Prevention

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Image: CafeHealthcare

Health care fraud is a serious issue. It costs the American healthcare system billions of years annually. That’s why the recently passed health insurance law takes steps to further prevent and prosecute it, including:

  • $300 million in funding over the next decade for the Department of Health and Human Services and Justice Department for stronger enforcement.
  • Greater oversight authority over Medicare and Medicaid participants to protect against fraud
  • Longer prison sentences for criminal medical fraud cases.

Last year, the federal government recovered $2.5 billion that was defrauded from the Medicare trust fund. Those overpayments are often passed onto private health insurance plans. Reducing fraud will give the Obama administration more leeway to enact reforms.

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