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Tobacco Industry Bilks Children’s Health Insurance Plan

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

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A tax on tobacco products–intended to provide children with health insurance–brought in less money than expected last year. A loophole is to blame.

Tobacco companies began marketing loose rolling tobacco as pipe tobacco, and therefore paying the far lower tax rate for the latter ($2.83 vs. $24.78 per pound). In addition, production of pipe tobacco products has ramped up unusually.

The Obama administration believes that over $250 million in predicted funding for kids’ health insurance plans, such as SCHIP, was lost due to the industry changes. A bill is currently pending in Congress to make the tax rates equal has received little attention thus far.

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HMO Health Insurance Turns Off Pediatricians

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

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A recent essay in Newsweek discusses the plight of pediatricians. They are the first primary care physician most people have, and good health care as a child is one of the best ways to improve adult outcomes.

Unfortunately, managed care has caused many pediatricians to quit their jobs. The stress of fighting with managed care health insurance for reimbursement of their services gets to be too much. Justifying essential care to corporate bureaucracy ruined the joy of their practice.

When HMO health insurance providers decide to cut their reimbursement rates, pediatricians are forced to fill their days with more patients, which leads to longer wait times. Health insurance reform, which adds more patients to the rolls, may make the situation even worse.

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