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How Much Will Healthcare Reform Cost Indiana?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Image: Muffet under CC 3.0

According to an independent estimate, the Obama administration’s healthcare reform law will cost the state of Indiana nearly $3 billion!

The 10-year figure is below initial estimates, which assumed a “worst-case scenario” in which 100% of those newly eligible for Medicaid signed up. (In reality, there have always been some who don’t.) However, it is still extremely expensive for the cash-strapped state.

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels fears that the Indiana health insurance mandate will burden the state and force it to either cut services or raise taxes. It may also cause companies to drop private employer-sponsored health insurance.

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Indiana Joins Health Insurance Reform Lawsuit

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

(Image: woody1778a under CC 3.0)

The list of state attorney generals suing over the individual mandate contained in the health insurance reform bill has now increased to 14. Indiana will now be included in the class action lawsuit.

The requirement that all residents of the state buy Indiana health insurance is unprecedented, according to the attorney general. He believes that its constitutionality should be examined by the Supreme Court. For awhile, he was wavering on his involvement in the lawsuit, but a report by Republican Senator Richard Lugar convinced him to pay closer attention.

How will these states, many of which are suffering from their own budget difficulties, pay the legal expenses? According to Indiana AG Greg Zoeller, the costs will be evenly split among the states. Like all but one of the attorney generals participating, he is a Republican.

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