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Health Insurance Plans’ Autism Coverage Under Fire

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Image: Bob Bobster under CC 3.0

Republicans running for Congress this year are touting their anti-Obamacare credentials. Nevada’s Sharron Angle is no different. Boosted by the tea party past a more moderate candidate in the GOP primary, she is going up against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November. As one of the key architects behind the controversial healthcare reform law, Reid is in danger of losing his seat.

Angle is obviously against the individual coverage mandate, as well as health insurance plans being forced to cover certain conditions. She blames the latter for raising costs. Video from a speech last year on that issue has recently been released to controversy. In that speech, Angle railed against a state law that requires health insurers to cover early treatment for autism spectrum disorders. When she mentioned the word “autism”, she used air quotes, which some have interpreted as meaning that she doesn’t believe that autism is a legitimate condition that children’s health insurance should treat.

Not done offending people, Angle went on to say that maternity coverage should not be mandated, since she herself is done having children.

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Bartering Livestock As A Health Insurance Plan?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Image: hddod under CC 3.0

It sounds like a joke, but it was a half-serious proposal by Republican Sue Lowden, who is vying for the GOP nomination in Nevada to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November. Since Reid helped steer healthcare reform to its passage, he is a clear target.

Lowden looked like a lock for the nomination and even win, with her staunch opposition to the law. However, she slipped when asked about her proposed alternatives to the Democrats’ health insurance plan reform. Her suggestions included bartering for health care services–specifically citing our grandparents, who supposedly brought a chicken to the doctor.

Her primary opponents, as well as Democrats, have run with the absurdity. Offhand quip or not, it makes her appear out of touch with the struggles of those unable to find affordable health insurance in modern times. Lowden’s response is the classic bipartisan political excuse: her comments were taken out of context.

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Democrats’ Health Insurance Reform Boost Evaporates

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

(Image: freewheelinbiker under CC 3.0)

Initial polls after last week’s historic passage of health insurance reform indicated that Democrats who favored it were seeing a bounce in popularity. While the bill’s content and process are extremely controversial, the fact that the majority party finally managed to get something done in Congress was a positive sign for many.

However, it looks like that boost was temporary. Prominent figures in the debate, such as President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have had their approval ratings remain steady. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s popularity ratings actually declined over the past week.

The good news for Democrats, according to the Washington News poll? Their popularity hasn’t decreased, either. In fact, they have shored up support among liberals in their own party. Those leery of the bill due to its potential impact on their health insurance plans and the national deficit probably weren’t supporting them, anyway. The fact that the legislation is now the law of the land (at least for now) doesn’t change that.

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When Will Scott Brown Be Sworn In, Anyway?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown has asked to be seated as soon as possible, in order to deliver the vote against health insurance plan reform that he promised. Democrats in Washington, D.C. have publicly agreed. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has vowed to seat Brown as soon as the proper official paperwork is received. Democratic Senator Al Franken, who was unable to take his seat for several months due to a legal battle with his Republican opponent, also supported Brown’s speedy seating by invoking the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as they will do unto you.”

All of the well-wishes in the world, however, may not get Scott Brown on Capitol Hill any quicker. Standard Senate procedure would have him sworn in about two weeks from now, on February 3rd. That allows time for the state to tabulate absentee ballots and investigate for fraud. William Glavin, Massachusetts Secretary of State, promises to expedite the certification, which normally takes about 15 days in his state.

Depending on the final margin of victory, Glavin can declare Brown the unofficial winner; that way, Brown may be sworn in even quicker than expected. Senate Democrats have effectively decided to hold off on medical insurance reform votes until he arrives. The sooner Brown is seated, the sooner debate can continue.

(Image: ockam under CC 2.0)

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