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Healthcare Reform Doesn’t Help Boost Dental Insurance

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Image: .hj barraza under CC 3.0

Dental care is beyond a cosmetic concern: issues with tooth and gum disease can also be indicators for other health conditions, such as heart disease. Why, then, does the healthcare reform law do little to expand coverage?

Currently, 20% of those with employer-sponsored coverage are without a dental plan. While procedures can be performed without insurance, dentists may charge several hundred dollars out-of-pocket. The health insurance reform law doesn’t require people to purchase supplementary coverage, such as dental insurance for adults. However, some comprehensive health insurance plans may include it.

Maybe mandatory dental coverage would be too much of an expensive burden for companies and insurers to tolerate, especially since they will face other strict requirements. It would also cause further controversy in the political arena, as yet more interference into private enterprise.

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Be Careful With Cosmetic Procedures From Doctors

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

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An increasing number of physicians, including dermatologists, and dentists are offering cosmetic services in addition to their medical practice. It can be convenient to have them under the same roof. However, beware of hidden charges.

Most health insurance companies won’t cover cosmetic procedures, unless they are deemed medically necessary (i.e. an eyelid lift due to vision problems).

If your doctor or dentist recommends a procedure like Invisalign, ask them if it is actually needed. Also, be clear about the out-of-pocket cost. No matter what he or she says, most doctors know exactly what amounts various health insurance plans cover.

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