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Texas Medicaid Health Insurance in Danger

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Image: jpo under CC 3.0

Across the country, states are struggling to balance their budgets. (Unlike the federal government, they don’t have the luxury of running a deficit.) This generally requires some combination of raising revenue through taxes and cutting spending programs.

The Republicans that triumphed in the midterm elections are adamant about only using the former. In Texas, they are even considering cutting the affordable health insurance program for the poor, Medicaid. Although the program itself is largely run by the federal government, state governments contribute.

According to supporters of the withdrawal, Texas would launch its own health plan for the impoverished. Many aren’t holding their breath. There is also speculation that the proposal is at least partially intended to spite the Obama administration in Washington for getting involved in individual Texas health insurance matters.

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Obama Working Student Loan Reform

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Student loan reform may work its way into the healthcare bill. President Obama has proposed student loan reforms, which would slash subsidies the government gives loan companies like Sallie Mae, would save the government billions of dollars — a critical point given the health care debate has largely come down to arguments over cost savings.

Republicans and Conservative Democrats have expressed concern over the costs of the health bill. Some Democrat leaders who are on the fence about the bill are waiting to see how much money the bill will save businesses, insured, and the government. Leaders are now putting together a compromise version that should make health insurance more affordable. However, details on cost savings are still being worked out.

If President Obama is able to provide medical insurance to millions of Americans and at the same time pass student loan reform, it could give Democrats a clear political victory to pass reforms that would help the uninsured and also thousands of students across the country who last week protested rising higher education costs.

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