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Homeless Adults Will Get Health Insurance

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Image: Franco Folini under CC 3.0

Due to provisions in the new healthcare reform bill, many homeless adults will receive health insurance through Medicaid. They are eligible if they earn up to 133% of the poverty level. If a person is living in shelters or on the street, they clearly aren’t able to afford a health insurance plan.

Although Medicaid has its disadvantages, it may be perfectly suited for this population. For example, it provides transportation services to doctors’ appointments, which most private plans don’t.

Community health centers are also set to receive increased funding for their services, which are offered on a sliding scale based on a person’s ability to pay, regardless of their health insurance status.

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Save With Community Health Centers

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

(Image: Evil Erin under CC 2.0)

If you’re uninsured, you can end up in a bind. Without a health insurance plan, many people are unable to afford to visit a doctor. However, going to the hospital is also expensive–and often unnecessary. Although you can receive treatment that way, the cost is passed on to the public through higher medical insurance premiums. Then health insurance is even further out of reach!

What’s the solution? Community health centers may be an effective, cheap way to provide preventative care to people who are uninsured or under-insured. Those who live in rural areas far away from hospitals can also benefit. The federal government has decided to increase funding for these centers, which will allow them to treat more poor and working-class children and adults. It is estimated that a quarter of low-income children who lack family health insurance receive primary care from these centers.

The network of 1,200 community health centers in the United States will receive $290 million in President Obama’s latest budget. That’s on top of the $2 billion they received in last year’s stimulus package. A group of researchers recently found that every extra $500,000 in funding allows such centers to take over 500 more uninsured patients each, while creating jobs.

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