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Military Families Can’t Put Adult Children On Health Insurance

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Image: The U.S. Army under CC 3.0

The good news for families in the military who are insured through Tricare: their health insurance has remained unchanged post-reform. The bad news: they can’t participate in one of the highly-publicized benefits of it.

Unlike civilians with normal health insurance plans, families with Tricare won’t be able to keep their adult, non-dependent children on their coverage until the age of 26.

Defense funding authorization bills currently pending in the House of Representatives and the Senate seeks to remedy this disparity.

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Family Health Insurance Rates Rise With Adult Children

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Image: justinknabb under CC 3.0

The recent healthcare reform law allows parents to keep adult children on their family health insurance until the age of 27. How many families will take advantage?

It may be fewer than you think. That’s because premiums will most likely rise if an extra person is added to the policy, especially if the young adult has a pre-existing condition. None other than the federal government admits that this will probably happen until 2014, when similar health rating is banned. Unfortunately, adult children with pre-existing conditions are the ones most likely to need a parent’s coverage, because finding affordable health insurance on the open market is extremely difficult for them.

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Will Your Large Employer Extend Group Health Insurance?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Image: josh.liba under CC 3.0

Many large private-sector employers self-insure. That means that instead of buying group health insurance directly from providers, they let insurers administer their health benefits, while paying the claims themselves.

As a result, they are not necessarily following the providers who have decided to extend coverage to adult dependents until the age of 27; the healthcare reform law doesn’t force them to until the start of their next plan year.

Experts have not heard of any major corporations making changes to their health insurance plan‘s eligibility yet. Rather, they are trying to decide whether or not to charge additional fees to young adults joining or rejoining their parent’s coverage.

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