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Karl Rove Supports Repeal of Health Insurance Law, With Caveats

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Image: JD_WMWM under CC 3.0

Karl Rove is well-known as the political operative who was instrumental in George W. Bush’s successful campaigns for President. Now, he is making the rounds promoting his memoir. Of course, the current administration’s policies are a hot topic–especially those regarding the health insurance industry.

Rove believes that in order to be successful in the midterm elections, Republicans should seek to repeal provisions of the bill and make them more palatable. With his extensive experience in electoral politics, he knows that calling for full-scale repeal of healthcare reform without offering alternatives of their own will be a boon to Obama and the Democrats.

What does he suggest? He wants to allow consumers to buy a health insurance plan across state lines, since the interstate competition could lower costs. The former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff also desires unlimited tax free savings accounts for health care purposes, similar to HSAs.

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Recess Not Fun For Pro-Affordable Health Insurance Reform Democrats

Monday, March 29th, 2010

(Image: rstrawser under CC 3.0)

Both houses of Congress are currently taking a recess. After months of frenetic work on affordable health insurance reform, it’s understandable that they would like some rest. Some congresspersons, however, are finding that their constituents are refusing to let them rest.

Here’s the situation: Democrats who voted for the healthcare reform bill are being confronted by angry constituents against it. Although they are receiving support, they are also attracting protesters. Republicans are mostly being hailed and encouraged to attempt repeal in Congress, but some voters are lukewarm. It shows how the issue of health insurance has largely cut across party lines, especially for those Democrats who opposed the bill.

Since many senators and all representatives are up for re-election this fall, this vacation back to their home districts is critical. The developments will be interesting.

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