How Much Should I Pay for Student Health Insurance?

Compare Cost How much you spend on student health insurance is completely up to you. You’ll find the cost of health insurance will vary depending on how many benefits the plan offers. You will need to take time to compare different policies to decide the level of coverage you can afford and want to buy.

Plans Vary There are many choices for health insurance for college students. Health insurance companies offer permanent policies, short-term, or a mini-medical. If you are looking for the cheapest option Mini-meds (or indemnity coverage) are the least expensive type of student health insurance plan, but keep in mind it will offer the least coverage.

Best Coverage Comprehensive student health insurance plans come with higher premiums but cover a broader array of services, including mental health, prescription drugs, and maternity care. Co-insurance rates and co-payments vary among the options of health insurance for students. If you are looking for more benefits you, be prepared to spend a more money.

College Clinic University student health center is included in your tuition, but the center only offers basic health care. On the other hand, affordable student health insurance also covers visits to primary care physicians, specialists, and diagnostic centers, and hospitalizations. Without that coverage, the cost of your medical care will come out of your (or your parents’ pocket). You’re best bet is to buy low cost student health insurance from a private company.

Pre existing Conditions
Medical health insurance will be more costly if you have pre existing conditions. However, you can still receive affordable student health insurance, and it will be smart to purchase it. Health coverage will make health services a lot cheaper. Without coverage a trip to the emergency room would leave you with medical expenses to pay off on your own, and you could wind up in financial debt.

National Coverage

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