Is Short Term Health Insurance Right for Me?

Protect Your Health- Short term health insurance is a way to make sure your health is protected at all times. It is always best to be prepared with health coverage in the event that a medical emergency happens. You should never take the risk of going without affordable temporary health insurance. If something happens, and you need medical care in the emergency room or at the hospital you will end up covering medical expenses on your own, and you could wind up in financial debt.

In Between Jobs– If you’ve lost your job and have begun searching for new employment with health insurance benefits, short term medical health insurance can help bridge the gap. Short term health insurance coverage is also suitable for people who are recent college graduates or on strike. With affordable short-term health insurance, you have time to compare and contrast individual health plans and make it through the waiting period without feeling desperate.

Pre Existing Conditions- If you have pre-existing conditions, you may not be able to buy a short term health insurance plan at all. These are typically defined as any condition you had during the 36-month period prior to the start of coverage. The “look-back” period for these conditions can vary by state. In this case, an individual policy may be a better value than short term health insurance if you can afford to wait a little while before your coverage takes effect. Most individual plans allow you to cancel coverage at any time.

Save Money-
There are ways to save money on short term health insurance. You should always compare the cost of different health insurance plans before selecting the one that is best for you. VitalOne health insurance agents can help you decide what short term health insurance coverage will best protect your health and fit your budget.

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