Between Jobs? Affordable Temporary Health Insurance Can Help

In this economy, many people are struggling for work. Although several economic indicators are now positive, it will still take awhile for the job market to get back to normal. If you have been laid off and are searching for new employment, affordable temporary health insurance can be your solution.

No matter how qualified you are, it may take several months to find a new position. In the meantime, your COBRA benefits may expire or be too costly to keep. You may take a part-time job or freelance to make ends meet, but those avenues do not offer health benefits. In addition, there is typically a waiting period for benefits after you finally land a new full-time job. What will you do during those 30 days?

Cheap short term health insurance is available to cover the gap. It is offered with multiple coverage levels, premiums, and lengths. Short term health insurance can last for up to a full year, just one month, or any time period in between.

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