Maryland Health Insurance

About 1.4 million Marylanders—29.1 percent of residents under age 65 were uninsured at some point in time during 2007-2008. In fact, 1 million of those uninsured Marylanders, were uninsured for six months or more during that time. Since 1990, the percentage of Maryland residents who lack health insurance has climbed by 55 percent. It may seem difficult to find affordable health insurance in Maryland, but it is not impossible. Here is additional information on low cost and reliable health insurance.

Maryland Individual Health Insurance

If you’re seeking coverage only for yourself, your best option will likely be to try and join group health plan, such as the one often offered through an employee benefits package, or through membership in an organization such as a church, trade union, or professional association. If you’re unable to find group coverage, you may be able to purchase an individual policy directly from a carrier . Individual coverage is generally more expensive and harder to qualify for than group coverage, however.

Maryland Group Health Insurance

Maryland group health insurance is sold to businesses and organizations in the state for them to provide coverage to their employees and members. Group health insurance plans can take the form of a PPO, HMO, POS, or fee-for-service plans. Finding a health plan in Maryland that meets the needs of both employees and company owners can be challenging. However, it is beneficial because group and business health insurance plans are inexpensive compared to individual or family coverage.

Maryland Family Health Insurance

Keeping your family healthy is essential to enjoying the best quality of life. Family health insurance is one of the best ways to protect their health. Normally, family health insurance plans consist on an individual (usually a parent or other adult) adding immediate family members to their policy. Affordable family health insurance in Maryland usually costs less than having a separate health insurance policy for each person. Also, a family health insurance plan usually has a higher coverage cap or lower combined deductible than an individual one.

Maryland Short Term Health Insurance

Temporary circumstances don’t need to leave you or your family uninsured. With Maryland short term health insurance, you will be protected if a medical emergency strikes. Cheap short term health insurance is similar to standard health insurance, except that temporary health insurance can last anywhere from thirty days to one year. A short term health insurance plan may be for you if there is a short gap in your insurance. For example, if you lost your job and have begun searching for new employment with health insurance benefits, affordable temporary health insurance can help bridge the gap.

Maryland Student Health Insurance

Many college students risk going without health coverage because they believe they’re young, in good health, and relatively safe from illness. But having access to health care when you need it is important at any age, and some colleges may require you to have health coverage as a condition of enrollment. Most health plans will allow dependent children to continue coverage until they reach age 25, and sometimes longer.