Louisiana Health Insurance

Louisiana is a diverse state that’s full of culture. Yet it is a state that has suffered significant economic damage in recent years as natural disasters and job losses have contributed to a large population of uninsured individuals. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 25 percent of the state’s 3,000,000 residents are living without sufficient access to affordable medical care. But health insurance options are growing in the state, with many of the nation’s top health insurance plans electing to extend coverage in the Bayou State within the last year.

Louisiana Individual Health Insurance

If you have had at least 3 months of coverage under a fully insured group health plan and then lose it, you are guaranteed the right to buy a conversion policy. You will not have a new pre-existing condition exclusion period. If you are federally eligible but do not qualify for a conversion policy, you are guaranteed the right to buy an individual health plan from any insurance company that sells such plans in Louisiana. Insurance companies must offer you a choice of at least two plans. Health insurers can design different policies and you will have to read and compare them carefully.


Louisiana Group Health Insurance

For businesses large and small, group health insurance is an affordable option for their employees. With the economy recovering, more and more workers will choose to join businesses that provide group health insurance as a valuable benefit. Group health insurance allows workers to lower their medical expenses and is often cheaper than individual health insurance plans since the cost to provide coverage is divided among your employees or organization. VitalOne can provide you with quotes for a variety of top insurance companies so you can choose the specific level of benefits that work for your company.


Louisiana Family Health Insurance

Protecting your family from illnesses and medical catastrophes is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from financial hardship. You may be surprised to know that a family health insurance plan that covers medications and regular doctor visits for your family often pays for itself. VitalOne has a variety of plans from Louisiana health insurance companies with low deductibles, access to a large network of convenient medical providers in your area and premiums that fit your budget.


Louisiana Short Term Health Insurance

Nothing in life is ever certain. You may currently have health insurance coverage through your employer, but facing a lay-off. Maybe you’re between employers or your individual medical coverage lapsed. If you have ongoing needs for medical care in Louisiana, short term medical insurance is an affordable alternative to struggling with unexpected medical expenses on your own. Most plans guarantee you will be covered, some within 24 hours of receiving your application.


Louisiana Student Health Insurance

Louisiana is home to many colleges and universities that draw students from around the world. These days, many institutions require proof of valid health insurance coverage before classes begin. But even if your school leaves medical care up to you, student health insurance is very important. If you are the parent of a new student, you may think your own insurance coverage will pay medical expenses for your child. But many policies exclude coverage once he or she goes off to school. Let VitalOne match you with a Louisiana insurance coverage provider before classes begin.