Pre Existing Conditions & Individual Health Insurance

  • If you have pre existing conditions you can still get health insurance. However, it will be more challenging to find a personal health insurance policy that works for you. Many health insurance companies have strict restrictions and often deny those with pre exisiting health problems. You will need to research various companies to find one.
  • Licensed health insurance agents can help you with the challenge of finding a health plan. It is free to get assistance from health insurance agents, so take advantage of this service.
  • You will have to pay more for your individual medical health insurance if you have pre existing conditions. Health insurance companies charge more to compensate for additional medical services they assume you will use.
  • Be sure you disclose all medical health problems when trying to obtain individual health insurance coverage. Health insurance companies will search your medical history to be sure you can be approved for the health insurance policy.
  • In some cases a health company accepts you, but if you have pre existing conditions your policy may not cover any care or services related to those health problems.
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