Individual Health Insurance for Athletes

Are you a serious athlete? You are most likely in very good health. In some respects, your activity should help you get lower health insurance rates: you are probably at a healthy weight for your height (although exceptional levels of muscle could make your BMI–calculated by health insurance companies to determine premiums–slightly misleading, incorrectly classifying you as overweight or obese), and you most likely don’t smoke. However, hard training may require more frequent doctor checkups for preventative care, as well as cause injuries; both of which make individual health insurance more expensive.

Major league professional athletes and those on official Olympic teams have access to group health insurance. However, what if you’re a marathon runner or triathlete who competes in events in your spare time? A minor league player working your way up? Training for world championships full-time but not yet highly ranked? Elite athletes in that situation without family members who can put them on their policy must buy individual health insurance plans on their own. Younger athletes about to age out of their parents’ insurance may also struggle. Even if you have been injured in the past we will be able to assist you with a pre existing health insurance policy.

Competitive amateur sport associations have an individual mandate for athletes looking to compete on the national and international levels: all must be insured. An ideal plan would be one that has a wide provider network, due to lots of traveling for training and competition: you want to make sure you have coverage everywhere. If your sport makes you more prone to injury, you may want a lower individual health insurance deductible for fewer costs out of pocket (although the monthly premiums will be higher as a result).

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