Baby Boomers Start Over With Individual Health Insurance

In the past, most baby boomers have never had to worry about buying individual health insurance. Their employers usually insured them. However, the recession has led to a large portion of this demographic facing layoffs. For the first time in their lives, middle aged Americans are worried about finding health insurance for themselves.

Unfortunately, baby boomers–especially those currently in the 45-64 year old age range–are at several disadvantages in the market. An individual health insurance quote is more expensive than it is for someone younger. Health insurance companies predict that they will be in worse health and use more health care, costing the insurer more money in paying out claims.

Some baby boomers are unable to find a standard health insurance policy altogether. Meanwhile, they are too young to qualify for Medicare. These people, who have pre-existing conditions, must rely on guaranteed issue insurance or pre existing health insurance.

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