Am I Eligible for Individual Health Insurance?

When buying individual health insurance, your medical history is very important. Your health status often determines the likelihood that you will be able to acquire coverage easily. It also has an impact on individual health insurance quotes. In a nutshell, affordable individual health insurance is easier to find if you are healthier.

Pre-existing conditions play a large role in the search for personal health insurance. Many health insurance companies will deny coverage to people with common conditions like diabetes or heart disease, or to those taking prescription medications. In those cases, you may need to buy a pre existing health insurance or mini-med guaranteed issue health insurance plan.

Individual health insurance providers also use your height, weight, and smoking status when you seek a policy. Smokers and those with high body mass indexes (BMI) are considered more likely to have future health problems and therefore file more frequent, expensive claims. As a result, they will either be offered more expensive premiums or turned down altogether. For the same reason, insurance companies ask for a potential policyholder’s age.

The only way to find out for sure whether or not you are eligible is to apply. However, a licensed health insurance agency can assist you in which plans are more likely to suit your needs.

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