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1/3 Of Breast Cancer Cases Are Preventable

(Image: JOPHIELsmiles under CC 3.0)

Fighting breast cancer is an ordeal that no person should have to go through. The vast majority of sufferers are women. Not only does it take a toll on your physical and mental health, but it is also associated with financial hardship. Although the passage of healthcare reform means that your health insurance can no longer be revoked for developing the disease, it is still something you would like to avoid.

Much breast cancer is genetic or due to general environmental factors, but a new study shows that up to one-third of the diagnoses of breast cancer in America may be preventable. What do the doctors suggest? They believe that avoiding smoking, limiting sun exposure, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help ward off the cancer.

Higher screening rates have helped reduce the incidence of breast cancer (as well as increase survival rates). If you’re a woman, make sure that your individual health insurance policy covers mammograms and regular gynecologist visits.

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  1. The more information like this is brought to the world the sooner it will happen, thank you.

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