Self-Funded? UniCare Can Help

UniCare, a division of Wellpoint, Inc., is a specialized insurance carrier that serves the self-funded health insurance market. Large employers often choose to provide their employees with benefits from a pool of allocated monies that are collected specifically to pay medical claims on behalf of their employed-subscribers.

Although they “pay their own way,” most self-funded healthcare companies are in highly-technical businesses and don’t have infrastructure in place to administer employee health insurance claims, verify benefits with medical providers or issue checks to those providers and still meet their needs for such employee services as in-house payroll processing, legal and human resources.

It’s cost-prohibitive to put such systems into place at self-funded companies (unless they already serve the insurance industry) so providers like UniCare serve as a back-office administrator for these self-funded businesses — also known as Third-Party Administrators (TPAs). UniCare serves as a traditional group health insurance company for the businesses they represent, typically on a contract basis.

UniCare: A Single-Source TPA

Serving its clients and their insured employees 24/7, UniCare offers a service known as Full Circle Health; a web-based portal that allows policyholders to view, update and control their personal health records, claims and share their personal medical histories with their doctors so they can make more informed decisions about patient care.

UniCare also provides telephone-based customer service associates to its clients. Health plan subscribers can seek assistance from UniCare claim administrators for a variety of needs, from simple claim status information to personalized wellness, nutrition and health plans. Depending on the servicing plan an employer selects and the size and structure of the business, UniCare will assemble a dedicated team of “private label” customer care associates who work exclusively on behalf of the company.

UniCare became an operating division of WellPoint, Inc. in 1995. In terms of medical specialty membership, WellPoint is the nation’s largest health benefits company. UniCare is the brand name for all of its TPA services outside of the state of California.

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