CIGNAThe “Tree of Life” is CIGNA’s symbol of health and wellness, an icon without many branches to support an entirely new model of healthcare when it was founded.

Not long after the then iconic-merger of two health benefits companies, the CIGNA Tree of Life grew deep roots in the employer-sponsored health benefits market.

When two of the nation’s most recognized insurance companies in the nation —Connecticut General and INA — combined, CIGNA’s Tree of Life took root in 1982. In less than two decades has become of the America’s largest providers of employer-based healthcare benefits. But now tree is growing new branches of care to better serve those who are at the core of the medical disparity facing the United States.

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Whole Healthcare for the Individual

With more than 11.7 million employer-issued health plans, today CIGNA is fast becoming a leader in the growing individual healthcare benefits sector. Nearly 1 million individual policies have been issued to CIGNA members, many of whom have been chronically underinsured.

CIGNA members can select from a group of more than 800,000 physicians in the United States. With optional dental coverage from CIGNA, subscribers can receive benefits for dental cleanings and procedures from more than 146,000 participating dentists.

HMOs & Gatekeepers of Care

A managed care pioneer, CIGNA’s business model grew out of the then-uncommon Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) model of providing medical coverage through a preferred network of doctors that are selected to become primary physician “gatekeepers” of care. Later, CIGNA evolved to begin offering Life, Health, Dental, Disability as well as one of the most widely recognized discount mail-order pharmaceutical networks in the healthcare industry today.

National Coverage

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