Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is an alliance of affordable healthcare providers dedicated to enhancing not just the lives of its members, but their members’ lifestyles too.

Anthem believes that whole-health wellness and preventative care are fundamental to lowering healthcare costs for you and your family. It’s medical care evolving to treat the whole person — not just any specific medical problem.

Chronic health conditions and illnesses can affect your life and the lives of those you love in many ways, so Anthem’s large network of providers focus on avoiding potentially life-threatening illnesses through comprehensive assessments of your lifestyle and the changes you can make right away to keep you healthy and your immune system strong. Immunizations, community health alliances and other progressive healthcare approaches are at the center of Anthem’s individual coverage.

A Whole New You

The Anthem Health Footprint™ system is an exclusive, web-based assessment that gives policy holders a full picture of your overall health and well-being. By answering just a few questions about your everyday routine, your current level of fitness and social connections, the Anthem Health Footprint will provide you with a full menu of healthy choices you can make to improve the quality of your life and your overall medical health.

Since Anthem is affiliated with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield family of providers, Anthem members have access to one of the largest network of medical specialists and family physicians available.

Some key features of Anthem health plans include:

  • Health assessment tools that guide you to the medical resources you need most
  • Discount prescription programs, including mail order programs and access to most of the nationally-recognized pharmacies you know and trust
  • Whole-health programs that promote positive lifestyle changes to prevent illness

National Coverage

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