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Beware Of Lapses In Health Insurance Coverage

Image: Brandon Cox under CC 3.0

Most people realize the importance of having a health insurance plan. Unfortunately, some may not believe that a short lapse in coverage is a big deal. The problem is that being uninsured for as little as 24 hours could end up being a major problem. If you need to visit the hospital during that short period of time, you’ll be responsible for the full bill.

When do these interruptions occur?

  • When you switch jobs
  • When you leave a job for self-employment or starting your own business, and buy your own health insurance plan
  • When you leave your parents’ health insurance
  • When you join your spouse’s health plan

There are other instances. Either way, try to avoid it. A good way to do that is with short term health insurance, which is available for terms as little as 30 days. It’ll help you fill the gap and avoid financial hardship.

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