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What does the Healthcare Bill Change Now?

The healthcare bill has passed after more than a year of debate and negotiations. Some of the provisions will go into affect immediately. So what does the passage mean for both uninsured and insured Americans? Here is a look at some of the major changes.

  • Seniors will get help paying for prescription drugs.
  • Individuals with income of $200,000 or more and families with a combined income of $250,000 or higher will see an increase in taxes.
  • If you already have health coverage, within six months, the plans will have to stop setting lifetime limits on coverage and canceling policy holders who get sick.
  • Insurers will also have to allow children to stay on their parents’ policies through age 26 and cover children with pre-existing conditions, but can still deny adults with medical problems until 2014.
  • By 2014, most Americans would be required to purchase health insurance or face penalties.
  • Small businesses and the uninsured would have the option of shopping for coverage in medical insurance exchanges, a marketplace in which people would be able shop for and compare insurance plans. Those exchanges would be implemented in 2014.
  • The bill greatly expands Medicaid and subsidies to the poor. Insurance companies would not be able to place lifetime caps or deny coverage to patients based on pre-existing conditions.

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