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How Much Does Healthcare Reform Cost?

Image: Jake Wasadin under CC 3.0

Bad news for health insurance reform: the newest cost figures predict that it will cost the government an extra $115 billion in health care costs over the next decade.

The Congressional Budget Office says that if Congress approves all of the spending asked for in the bill, the total cost of the legislation will surpass $1 trillion.

Where are these expenses coming from?

  • $34 billion in funding for community health centers
  • $39 billion for the Indian Health Service, which provides care to Native Americans
  • $10-20 billion in federal administrative costs

Although it clearly makes the affordable health insurance law less affordable, these costs weren’t included in the initial estimates because they are not mandatory; instead, they are authorizations for discretionary spending. Since Democrats lack a filibuster-proof majority, they may not pass.

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