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GOP: The Healthcare Fight Isn’t Over

(Image: Chad Davis under CC 3.0)

Democrats may be relishing in their healthcare reform victory, but that doesn’t mean that the controversy is over. Republicans are still steadfast in their opposition of the newly passed legislation, believing that it will negatively impact the quality of health insurance plans in America.

GOP Senator John McCain predicts that public outrage will be further stoked by the process by which it was passed. Democrats will no doubt suffer in the midterm elections for their votes in favor of what McCain considers a government takeover. Protests will pressure Congress to repeal the bill, though those prospects are unlikely.

Already, many state legislatures have passed laws circumventing the individual health insurance mandate–one of the centerpieces of the legislation. Mostly Republican legislatures believe that that portion of the law is unconstitutional, since it involves the federal government requiring the purchase of a product within each state. The legal question will surely make it to the Supreme Court.

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