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Young Voters Still Support Healthcare Reform

Health Insurance Reform and Young Adults

A lot of attention has gone towards Americans who are angry at the Democratic party for overreaching on healthcare reform. The issue appears likely to endanger Democrats’ chances in this fall’s midterm elections. Frustrations expressed by the other side, whose who feel that the Obama administration’s proposed reforms don’t do enough to provide greater access to affordable health insurance, have received less attention. If it looks like the Obama administration and Congress plan to ignore their concerns, they may tune out of the political process altogether.

That seems to be changing. An increasing number of political pundits are speculating that the young adults that propelled President Obama into office in 2008 will be absent from the polls this November. While it is common for this demographic to skip voting on electoral off-years, it puts the Democrats in even more danger. Republicans have made some inroads by warning of the impact healthcare reform would have; namely that forbidding many pricing practices that many consider discriminatory to those of a certain age or with pre-existing conditions will harm young voters by making individual and Speaker Pelosi under CC 2.0)

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