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Step-by-Step Verses Overhaul Healthcare

As the health summit gets underway both sides appear to be sticking to their guns. The biggest issue separating Democrats and Republicans seems to be step-by-step verses complete overhaul.

Republicans say slow things down. They say the country is far too complicated to reform healthcare at once. They site 17% of the economy as too small a number to completely change a system. Senator Lamar Alexander told Republicans and Democrats during the televised health summit that his party wants to help change the way healthcare is provided one step at a time. Republicans are also pushing for a clean slate on the healthcare system. Republicans a fair and balanced bill can only be reached by starting over.

Democrats believe the system is too far gone for a slow approach. They believe the only way to help people get more affordable health insurance is to intervene by putting laws into place. Democrats say 45,000 people die ever year because they do not have health insurance. They feel health insurance companies are controlling the system and should not.

Millions of American are without health insurance, and many others are uninsured. They are waiting for lawmakers to do something to lower health insurance costs.

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