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Pivotal Day for President Obama

Every day is challenging for President Obama, but how he performs today could be a turning point for his presidency. Mr. Obama is preparing for a much anticipated summit on his number one domestic issue: healthcare reform. The president has struggled for nearly a year of his term to try and pass a health bill, and has received disapproval from Republicans, some Democrats, and even some voters.

President Obama says the purpose of the summit–which will be televised– is to bring both Democrats and Republicans together to merge ideas for more affordable medical health insurance. The President has posted his eleven-page healthcare reform plan on a website, and he is asking Republicans to lay out their health plan during the summit.

President Obama is also hoping to gain support from his own party many of whom have openly disagreed with some of Obama’s pans for reducing the cost of health insurance. If President Obama’s party members rally behind him, “budget reconciliation,” will be an option for pushing through his health plan–even without Republican support. The President is already facing major criticism from Republicans who say the American people have spoken and don’t want Obama’s health plan. On the other hand, if Mr. Obama’s health bill does not pass, it will follow him as a failed attempt.

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