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Health Insurance Debate leaves Health Needs in Limbo

health insurance.

This is the predicament for an alarming number of Americans who are just hoping congress will do something to create more affordable health coverage including short term health insurance, family health insurance, and all other types of plans. President Obama used healthcare reform as a major platform during the presidential election. He promised to stop ignoring the health needs of uninsured Americans and make healthcare affordable for every individual who wants to have it.

However, things seem very uncertain for the healthcare bill backed by Obama. The House, Senate and White House seems to be in a tug a war match over the bill. And nothing is getting getting accomplished. At the State of the Union address Obama made it clear he is not giving up on healthcare reform and made a personal commitment to put his weight behind a comprehensive healthcare bill based on the legislation already approved by the House and Senate. “I took on healthcare because of the stories I’ve heard from Americans,” Obama said. “I will not walk away from these Americans, and neither should the people in this chamber.”

Republican leaders insist however, that the bill has serious constitutional issues. “This will be the first time in history that individual citizens in this country will be forced to buy something they may not want. And they may be forced to buy a federal version of something they don’t want,” Senator Orrin Hatch said.

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