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Don’t Try This At Home! DIY Operations

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In these tough economic times, many people are struggling to pay for basic needs. Health care is one of those essentials. For pet owners, Fido or Fluffy is a part of the family, and their health is also a priority. Due to their smaller size and simpler physiology, health care for pets is far less expensive than human health insurance. However, some owners will go to desperate measures when their pets are very sick and uninsured–even if they are not in the pet’s best interest.

A man in Rhode Island was recently arrested for taking matters into his own hands and operating to remove a cyst from his 14-year-old dog’s leg. He was unable to afford a visit to the veterinarian, so he used local anesthetic. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong way to go about treating the Labrador mix. As it turns out, the surgery was completely unnecessary: the cyst was benign, and vets believe that the dog had been feeling no pain from it. What the man did was inexcusable, but it holds some lessons for people.

The dog required a second surgery by medical professionals to reverse the first surgery, which was even more expensive. Do-it-yourself surgery on another person is similarly dangerous. On a more realistic note, skimping on quality and visiting a quack physician–or skipping regular check-ups–to save money will also cost you more in the long run. It is better to save your money for individual health insurance, even if it’s only a catastrophic health plan for emergencies.

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