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Democrats’ Health Insurance Reform Boost Evaporates

(Image: freewheelinbiker under CC 3.0)

Initial polls after last week’s historic passage of health insurance reform indicated that Democrats who favored it were seeing a bounce in popularity. While the bill’s content and process are extremely controversial, the fact that the majority party finally managed to get something done in Congress was a positive sign for many.

However, it looks like that boost was temporary. Prominent figures in the debate, such as President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have had their approval ratings remain steady. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s popularity ratings actually declined over the past week.

The good news for Democrats, according to the Washington News poll? Their popularity hasn’t decreased, either. In fact, they have shored up support among liberals in their own party. Those leery of the bill due to its potential impact on their health insurance plans and the national deficit probably weren’t supporting them, anyway. The fact that the legislation is now the law of the land (at least for now) doesn’t change that.

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