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Democratic Rep Wins Post-Healthcare Reform Special Election

The very first vote for national office since the passage of affordable health insurance reform occurred in Florida this past week. Many have considered these elections to be a referendum on the law.

Although Republicans are still predicted to take many seats in Congress this fall due to the controversy over healthcare reform, a Democrat won a seat in Florida this week. During a fundraiser in Miami, President Obama cheered the victory of Ted Deutch, who will be replacing retiring Dem Robert Wexler in the House of Representatives.

Granted, a special election during an off-year normally has low turnout. However, political pundits have predicted that would work in favor of the health insurance law’s opponents, who have fired-up supporters and senior citizens–who are more likely to vote–on their side. Still, it’s a sign that Democrats may not suffer in this fall’s mid-term elections as much as previously thought.

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