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2010 Elections: Health Insurance Reform Trips Up Democrats

Image: dbking under CC 3.0

This year, many Democrats are up for re-election. With much discontent directed at the government (and therefore the majority party), their campaigns are struggling. As a result, a lot of them are attempting to downplay the controversial issue of health insurance plan reform.

Democratic representatives and senators who voted in favor of the legislation are skipping huge, public town hall-style meetings, in order to avoid a repeat of last August’s disasters. When they do major appearances, they largely focus on other issues, especially if they are in more conservative, Republican-leaning districts.

However, they are not necessarily ashamed of their “yes” votes. Far from it; they are making several appearances to tout the benefits of the law, which is meant to increase access to affordable health insurance for their constituents. Admittedly, they are doing that through newspaper opinion pieces, conference calls, and smaller-scale appearances in front of more friendly audiences.

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