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Poll: Health Insurance Reform Changes Our Nation’s Direction

(Image: Phille Casablanca under CC 3.0)

According to a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, there is one thing almost all Americans can agree on about health insurance reform: it’s a significant shift.

  • 80% consider the passage of healthcare reform as a major change in the nation’s direction
  • 38% believe it is a positive change
  • 42% consider it to be a negative change

The intensity of reactions to the bill passing bears this out. Obama and other Democrats believe that access to medical insurance should be a human right, and that their success on this issue will lead to more Great Society-style domestic reforms. Meanwhile, many Republicans are worried that this is a slippery slope towards socialism. Both sides are most likely exaggerating its impact, although healthcare reform is clearly important.

The polling was done from March 23rd to the 26th.

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