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Measuring Healthcare Progress by Drug Use

Mary Marcus of USA TODAY writes: “A boom in medical technology over the past decade or two has led to a surge in certain medical tests and increased prescription drug use, say authors of a report that provides a snapshot of Americans’ health today.” Although these are seen as positive results, they are indeed interpretive. Just because people who have affordable health insurance plans through major health insurance companies such as United Healthcare and Aetna are able to be prescribed and use drugs does not mean that Americans are healthier.

Indeed, it could indicate that Americans are actually addicted to healthcare services and commercial drugs. This is not a completely malignant addiction but one that is authorized by the government and drives a multi-billion dollar industry. It scares me to think that we can look at statistics such as how many drugs are used daily or monthly and project that we are healthier. We become ever more dependent upon drugs and hence drug manufacturers for our daily living and “correction” of errors in the body. Where could all these problems that require so many drugs come from?

It is possible that the answer is more related to diet and sedentary lifestyle than a “lack of drugs”. It is purely opinion of course but most of us know that when we start down the balancing path of drug use we can easily find ourselves with an ambulatory in our homes filled with products designed to counter the side effects of every other product we are taking.

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