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Is Health Insurance Plan Reform Truly Socialist?

Image: Mike Licht under CC 3.0

One of the primary objections to the Obama administration’s health insurance reform is that it is a socialist takeover of a significant part of the American economy. While that is a legitimate concern, actual card-carrying socialists disagree.

According to Socialist Party USA co-chair Billy Wharton, the legislation that passed is far from socialist. Instead, it’s more of a “corporate restructuring”; it gives private sector health insurers millions of new customers with relatively little incentive to radically change their system. He considers the law as something that was written by private health insurance plan companies for their benefit.

What would real socialists have preferred? They would have liked a national single-payer system with a government-run public option. Tea party skeptics say that regardless of the fact that President Obama isn’t extreme enough for the far-left fringe, he is nevertheless promoting socialist policies.

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