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Bipartisan Health Care Negotiations Being Televised; Why now Mr. President?

Seriously, I am asking!

You campaigned on doing this from day one. It took the Massachusetts election of Senator Scott Brown to force you to actually do this.
Even though you tried your hardest for an entire year to ram through into law a complete and thorough government take over of the health care and the health insurance industries; under a complete partisan approach and you had no problem with this.

Now you want to inject “bipartisan” into the mold. Are you serious, this must be a joke. The problem is that the joke you’re playing is on us the American people.

What happened last year, the bill itself, the process, the backroom negotiations, it was all you and you alone. You created that environment, the ideology, the dirty process. You were behind it all.

Sure, anyone that disagreed with you was just wrong, right?

Why now?

Are you being deceitful, playing games, or just trying to have it your way.

You continue to disregard and ignore the pulse of the American people. They have spoken, and yes, loud and clear.

This token gesture will further anger constituents across the land. It is after all just that, a ploy, a gimmick to try and sway public opinion.

Well, we are not buying it. We see right through your agenda and we don’t like it.

Please Mr. President, stay out of our healthcare and health insurance.

Focus on reducing the growing deficit, helping small businesses, and national defense.

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