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Reform Would Fund Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Pools

(Image: brentbat under CC 3.0)

Many supporters of the Obama administration’s healthcare reform believe that it will significantly help uninsured individuals with pre-existing conditions. Most health insurance plans are not willing to accept them. While each state has a high-risk health insurance pool, they are often underfunded and must put a cap on the number of people they accept.

Although guaranteed issue health insurance is already available for that group, some people may be unable to afford it on their incomes. Therefore, the bill currently pending in the Senate would increase access to the states’ high-risk pools, through $5 billion in funding. Premiums are lower, since they are partially subsidized by taxpayers.

Unlike most aspects of the legislation, the boost to the state-wide pools will not take place in 2014. Instead, it is set to become effective immediately!

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