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Infants Charged Higher Family Health Insurance Rates!

(Image: Pink Sherbet Photography under CC 3.0)

Over in North Carolina, health insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield recently increased its health insurance rates. While rate hikes are common nowadays, this one is especially far reaching: it even hits babies!

Case in point: a nine-month-old infant’s family health insurance premium jumped by 55% on January 1st. According to BCBS, the higher premium is justified because infants use more health care services than older children. Now, they are classified in a higher-risk insurance pool.

This situation is absurd! Some may argue that many people with pre-existing conditions facing a dearth of affordable health insurance options brought the situation on themselves; that they neglected their health and had bad habits. While that can certainly be debated, a baby less than a year old has no choice in or responsibility for his or her health. Plus, this particular infant didn’t even have any conditions that would cost more to cover!

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