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What Will Happen To You For Defying Health Insurance Mandate?

(Image: mdid under CC 3.0)

One of the most controversial aspects of healthcare reform is the insurance mandate. In effect, it requires all individuals and employers to buy a health insurance plan. But what happens if a person decides not to buy health coverage?

The Internal Revenue Service will be responsible for tracking compliance; your health insurance status will be asked for in your annual tax return. They will also be responsible for levying fines, although IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman claims that the enforcement measures won’t be too punitive. Individuals will be responsible for sending the determined amount to the IRS, but they won’t face criminal charges or have their assets seized, as can be done in tax evasion.

The IRS also claims that efficient technology will prevent them from having to hire a significant amount of new employees in order to handle the issue.

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